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Expanding Customer Service to a New Level

We are delighted to announce a new and extraordinarily valuable client service. You now have access to the entire suite of ATTAINIUM crises management & business continuity planning products and consulting prices available only to Novick Group clients.

More Than Just Risk Planning

ATTAINIUM founder and President Bob Mellinger is recognized nationally as the first name in nonprofit risk & business continuity planning. Since 2002, the firm has helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations develop, test and maintain disaster response and business continuity plans unique to their specific needs. From CD directed table top exercises, web & online workshops to more fully engaged onsite consulting, ATTAINIUM is the leading resource for disaster preparedness planning in the nonprofit marketplace. The long list of ATTAINIUM clients includes ASAE, Association Forum of Chicagoland, Association of Legal Administrators - Gateway Chapter, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, and the International Safety and Security Conference to name just a few.

Does Your Organization Even Need This Kind of Risk Planning?

The easy answer is - yes. On some level, every organization needs to consider and plan for reasonably foreseeable hazard scenarios. Many of our clients have already undertaken crises management & business continuity planning and in some cases sophisticated action plans have been tested and implemented. Whether your organization is in need of a more substantive approach to risk planning and understanding the scope of those needs goes well beyond this announcement. Your Novick Group service team has undergone training to help guide you in the basic discussion stage of needs, costs and benefits. And of course, the ATTAINIUM website is an excellent resource.

Don't Insurance Brokers Usually Provide This Service At No Charge?

The easy answer is - no. The principle reason brokers don't provide crises management consulting (in house) is that we generally process risk through an insurance filter. Even our quarter century of working with nonprofits and our aggressive emphasis on risk management (not typical among most insurance agents & brokers) fall short when it comes to helping a client develop, implement and monitor a thoughtful and thorough crisis management plan.

For more information, feel free to contact us or ATTAINIUM sure to let them know you are a Novick Group client.