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The Disaster Experience
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

8:30 am - 11:30 am
CNA Washington, DC Office
2020 K Street, Suite 505
Washington, DC 20006

Business Continuity Planning has never been more essential to ensuring the viability - perhaps even survival of a business, regardless of its size, location, or industry segment.  Along with perils such as adverse weather or the outbreak of communicable disease, association executives must consider (more than ever before) the frightening but undeniable possibility of harm to their employees, meeting attendees, and others.  Surprisingly, however, creating and maintaining a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) still remains on the fringe of planning priorities for many organizations, including most associations.  

Few associations have the in-house expertise to anticipate and capably plan for such events.  What are the loss scenarios to consider?  What is the threshold of responsibility that constitutes due diligence?  What exposure to legal liability might an association face?
Part 1 of this session is designed to put you at the decision-making center of an organization experiencing a real-life disaster situation, as it unfolds. You and a management team of fellow association execs will need to make a series of critical, real time decisions and deal with the consequences of those decisions as more information about the disaster becomes known.  At the conclusion of the mock disaster, you'll have a different appreciation of the extraordinary challenges of managing in a crises environment and the importance of thorough and thoughtful advance planning. 
Session participants will:

  • Understand the basic principles of emergency management and how they apply to risk management in general and Business Continuity Planning in particular, in a variety of association business settings;
  • Experience first-hand the problems that can result from an incomplete, poorly executed, or non-existent plan;
  • Have an opportunity to share personal experiences with colleagues regarding specific challenges;
  • Discuss how to apply general principles in the face of future uncertainty.

In Part 2 of this session, Tim Miller will provide you a riveting snapshot of what is happening in the country in relation to growing security concerns relative to nonprofits. This discussion is designed for senior leadership and is designed to provoke thought. Tim will walk us down the road of why it is critical that we look at security through a different lens in the months/years ahead, as we talk about:

  • Terrorism: The potential impact to your nonprofit organization;
  • Security concerns for the mobile workplace;
  • Event Security: A whole new look at protecting our members;
  • Violence in the Workplace: What Now?



Mr. Mellinger is a frequent speaker on the topics of business continuity, contingency planning, emergency preparedness and crisis management, delivering sessions ranging from The Basics of Continuity Planning to the Impact of Today's Threats and Hazards, as well as customized, interactive mock-disaster tabletop exercises known as the Disaster Experience.
Bob is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a major in Computer Science, and has a graduate certificate from George Washington University's Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management.   A member of ACP (Association of Contingency Planners), DRI International and ASAE (American Society of Association Executives), he travels extensively delivering sessions to groups large and small.

Security Consultant
Special Agent, U.S. GOVERNMENT

Mr. Miller is a visionary with a passion for security consulting, training, and facilitation given the increasing security concerns facing our nation. Utilizing 30+ years experience as a Marine Corps Officer, Secret Service Agent, and professional trainer, he develops and executes state of the art interactive training and practical security consulting that prepares individuals and organizations for any contingency.

Tim is currently a National Security/Firearms Coordinator for the U.S. Government.  He is a former Secret Service Special Agent who protected the President and other heads of state throughout the world.  Tim has also previously served as a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S, Customs Service, and the Defense Department.  Tim is also a retired Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant Colonel that directed security force protection efforts for Marines deployed throughout the world.

Tim has recently refocused his talents to consult and train churches and nonprofits around the country, helping them put together a cohesive security plan.  Tim is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers on security concerns to include work place violence, active shooters, and domestic terrorism.

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