Worker Compensation

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WC is one of the few types of Property & Casualty coverage required by law. Coverage and rates are set by statute in every state and the District of Columbia. Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming, Washington and Wisconsin are known as monopolistic states; coverage is provided by a state regulatory body instead of a commercial insurance carrier. Premium is based on a combination of payroll and job classification. Associations with annual WC premium above $5,000 are subject to a loss sensitivity factor known as an experience modification which in turn affects premium expense favorably or unfavorably consistent with loss experience.

What's Covered
Accidents or workplace illness as determined by state regulatory authority. Benefits include medical rehabilitation expense, lost wages and death benefit. Terrorism and pandemic disease are not excluded.

Who's Covered
Employees are covered while at work or away from the insured premise on company business. Commuting to and from work is not covered.

Value to Association
Provides an organized and cost effective method to pay expenses associated with workplace accidents or illness. Eliminates uncertainty in the event of a catastrophic event.

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