Commercial Automobile

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Regardless of vehicle ownership, associations are still exposed to liability or other expense resulting from operations of autos by other on its behalf. Vehicular operations may result in third party liability claims and/or physical damage to the vehicle leased, owned or operated by the association.

What's Covered
If association owns or leases vehicle policy includes liability and physical damage coverage (to the owned or leased vehicle). Liability for hired & non-owned auto (hnoa)* is recommended in all cases where the associations does not own or lease a vehicle.

Who's Covered
Association and permissive use operators of owned, leased or rented vehicles. For non-owned liability association is insured; vehicle operator is covered under their personal automobile policy (coverage can be amended to include driver as insured)

Value to Association
Among reasonably foreseeable loss scenarios faced by most associations automobile liability stands out as the bodily injury event with the highest likelihood of claim severity.

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* non-owned generally refers to liability arising from employee or volunteer use of personal auto on association business; hired auto refers to rental car,